About Petsetters

Petsetters India Pvt. Ltd. is established in 1984 at Pune when biscuits / food for dogs was not available in Indian market. Only a few imported highly expensive products were available on the shelves. Petsetters has taken initiative and introduced dog biscuits with real meat inside to give pet parents a little something to show how much they care for their dogs. Later on Petsetters has developed dog chews, dog munchy sticks and shampoos to its product range.

During the due course of time Petsetters products started going beyond Pune and now its sale and distribution network is spread across the country which works in close association with veterinarians and pet community.

Petsetters always believe in serving with best quality and to keep itself updated with latest technological and scientific innovations. All the ingredients used in Petsetters range of products undergoes strict quality control checks. The reason why we care so much about Pets is that we love pets as much as you do and we keep focus on pets welfare while undertaking any step during manufacturing of the products.

Recently Petsetters has joined hands with 8th largest global pet food manufacturer Guabi, from Brazil to bring its high quality range in INDIA. In future we wish to serve pet community with innovative and quality solutions for daily needs.